March 3 ~ Mary Oliver

6:30-7:30 pm

Warm your winter evenings.

Share insights.

Be inspired.

First Tuesdays at the McCall Public Library, 6:30 pm.

Each evening we will discuss one longer or two shorter pieces by a well-loved poet.  Gain new perspectives with a favorite poet or enjoy discovering someone new.

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March 3            Mary Oliver
April 7               Group Choice

A Cabin Fever 2015 series

December 2      David Whyte

“…the act of reading poetry is an act of stopping, of contemplation, of grounding.  With good poetry…the truths are so strong, the experiences are so present….  The other harvest that’s in poetry is the fierceness with which it will look the world in the eye, and its willingness to look at both the difficult sides of life and the celebratory all at the same time and not to distinguish between them.”  Midlife and the Great Unknown

This evening we will discuss The Winter of Listening and Sweet Darkness.

Excellent audio selections available at Sounds True.

January 6:

Now I Become Myself and

Leaves Before the Wind  by May Sarton

“If we are to understand the human condition, and if we are to accept ourselves in all the complexity, self-doubt, extravagance of feeling, guilt, joy, the slow freeing of the self to its full capacity for action and of creation, both as human being and as artist, we have to know all we can about each other, and we have to be willing to go naked.” ~Journal of a Solitude

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