Saturday, September 23, 2017
2:00-5:00 p.m.
Fall Herbal Equinox Gathering
Mavens’ Haven, Lucile

Fee $40/ $60 includes a bottle capper

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In many ancient cultures, the medicine woman is responsible for preserving yeasts and IMG_2854creating seasonal brews. The process includes sacred language, ceremonies, and customs.

At the Haven we exclusively brew with local plants using only organic sugar, yeast, and occasionally lemons and spices. Results vary, with Horehound beer like a slightly bitter ale, Elderflower like champagne, Ginger like a warm digestive, and the berry beers like cognacs or brandies.

For the class we will process beer in each stage–harvesting a plant and making tea, creating wort in the carboy, racking partially-ready wort, and bottling finished beer. The beers are hops, malt, and gluten-free. We will taste aged brews as we go.

Participants are invited to bring a freshly-harvested plant they wish to brew. In September, options include berries, fresh fruit, and class2

Participants will go home with an air-locked jug of their own wort, a siphon tube, bottle caps, and aged beer from the Havens’ Cellar. Please email Renee at to indicate what you are bringing and whether you wish to order a bottle capper ($20). Participants will receive a one-gallon jug unless you bring your own five-gallon carboy and enough harvested plant material.

Brewing Text: Buhner, Stephen Harrod (1998). Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers. Boulder, Siris Books.

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