Design Your Event

We can design and facilitate your next leadership training, birthday party, management seminar, staff in-service, or retreat.  Blend any of the following topics into a half or full day, weekend, or series.

The Creative Process
preparation and incubation
inspiration and evaluation
implementation and restoration

Integral Theory Applications
learn models of human and cultural development
apply to communication, conflicts, and goal-setting
cross-train with practices for body, mind, shadow, and spirit

Conscious Leadership
apply human development principles from Integral Theory
create structures and a culture for disciplined creativity
integrate current leadership paradigms

Problem-Solving and Insight Tools
cultivate curiosity and multiple perspectives
reframe obstacles and detours as tools
understand current neurobiology

improve focus and concentration
reduce anxiety
gain personal and spiritual insight

Compassionate Communication
listen and communicate with less defensiveness
manage conflict with a positive tone
negotiate differences into collaboration

Reframing Stress
understand the brain and stress adaptation
break blocks to creativity
learn embodiment practices for discharge and insight

Understanding Your Life Adventure, the Hero’s Journey
departures ~ calls, acquiring help, crossing thresholds
initiations ~ the road of trials, battles, rewards
returns ~ escapes, gifts, mastery and freedom

Living and Working with Personal Integrity
identify your resources and values
use your strengths with respect and power
lead with honesty, authenticity, and courage

Stand in your power.  Cultivate deep creativity.  Express more fully who you are.  That’s leadership.