luminaire-shotI offer a unique blend of perspectives as an educator, therapist, and small business owner.

I taught high school English for seventeen years, always developing my own curriculum and creative ways to meet official mandates.  Integrity and respect with my students mattered more than anything.

Since arriving in Idaho in 2004, I’ve built a thriving bodywork therapy practice and launched Luminaire.  This has been supported by:

* Whole Health Educator™ and Coaching certification with the National Institute of Whole Health
* Facilitator training with Authentic World San Francisco and Integral Center Boulder
* Participation in the West Central Mountains Leadership Academy
* Development of Mavens’ Haven on the Salmon River
* Himalayan Yoga Tradition teacher training in the Bharati lineage.  Bharati translates as one who loves the light of knowledge.

I live in McCall, Idaho and at Mavens’ Haven with occasional trips to California and Ohio.

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